The mayor of Debrecen wore a very expensive watch

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The mayors of the big county capitals seem to love good hours. László Botka from Szeged wears a Rolex, and László Papp from Debrecen chose an Omega – writes the csuklo_spotting page on Instagram, whose post was spotted by Debreciner.

Not any Omega: The mayor of Debrecen owns an Omega De Ville Rattrapante. This style isn’t really typical of Omega, nor is this watch seen much in the world, or as they say: it doesn’t come across on the street. At first I suddenly didn’t even know how to find the specific model, so I asked for help from an expert specializing in Omega, thanks to him I discovered the model.

– read in the post.

Models much more expensive than the watch of László Papp have already been discovered on the wrists of Hungarian politicians and celebrities, for example, László Botka, the opposition mayor of Szeged, wears a HUF 3.4 million piece:

All of these are nowhere compared to Balázs Dzsudzsák’s pearl of HUF 27 million:

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