Colorful programs await the children of Debrecen during the summer childcare

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As in previous years, the volunteers and member organizations of the Debrecen Charitable Body will take part in the summer childcare organized by the Child Protection Institution of the City of Debrecen. The experts of the Child Protection Institution and the member organizations of the Board are waiting for the children with all-day, meaningful and varied programs, where play, movement, gaining new knowledge and experience play an important role. On Tuesday, the children were able to spend a morning in the Nagyerdei Cultural Park, where they were greeted by Diána Széles, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen and Co-Chair of the Debrecen Charitable Body.

Deputy Mayor Diána Széles said: Debrecen is a caring city that takes care of the people of Debrecen every day of the year. Thus, even in the summer, it is important to take care of our children to experience this 8 weeks as an experience. The deputy mayor added that the Charitable Board was involved in the childcare organization because it has a very diverse, very many NGOs, from elderly volunteers to young people and everyone treats children differently, so a very close relationship develops between the generations.

Ágnes Farkas, head of the Child Protection Institution of the City of Debrecen, also said that some of the children came from disadvantaged families who, due to their situation, would not be able to provide useful leisure time. This is why these children have access to experiences here that enrich them and their personalities by learning and making friends.

Éva Rózsahegyiné Éva Juhász, the chairman of the Debrecen Charitable Body, emphasized that the Charitable Body includes 33 non-governmental organizations. During the camp, until August 19, it will organize color programs almost 90 times with the involvement of 23 organizations. With the help of the Board, the children participating in the camp can take a trip to Hármashegyalja by Zsuzsi train, visit the Pásti Street Orthodox Synagogue and visit the Nagyerdei Cultural Park twice.

Sándor Gergely Nagy, the managing director of the Nagyerdei Cultural Park, emphasized that in addition to the professional camps, attention is paid to the city camps and campers who visit them every year. This year, the Debrecen Zoo and Botanical Garden can greet city campers with the largest collection ever.

The Municipality of Debrecen finances the organization of summer childcare with more than HUF 12 million. The Debrecen Charitable Board also contributes to this with the programs it organizes from its own resources of HUF 1.5 million.

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