A charity children’s day is organized for the recovery of Regina from Debrecen

Local News

Regina is struggling with an aggressive brain tumor, and the tumor (brainstem glioblastoma multiforme) unfortunately cannot be operated on due to its bad location. Regina would try a very expensive Cologne immuno-oncology therapy, but she need help with that.

The little girl and her family were embraced by the  Tündérkör Alapítvány, and under their influence, several supporters were already in favor of the good cause.

The event will be on August 7 and promises a truly diverse program.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy!

Regina’s family can also be helped directly in the following ways:

Bank account number:
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): HU60117733840165532800000000
Tibor Csapó and Krisztina Csapóné Kunkli
Please write in the announcement that DONATION!
Availability: 06-30 / 2020-628



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