The Pallagi road promenade has been completed

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With the help of the Magic Forest investment, the second phase of the renovation of the Pallagi road promenade was completed for the time of the Campus Festival, July 21-25. It is temporarily open to the public for the purpose of trial operation, with all its visual elements, writes the municipality of Debrecen in a statement.

Fresh visual designs of the renewable Pallagi road promenade in the Big Forest

Special experience lighting was built, four tram crossings were renovated and one was newly built. During the works, the pavement and vegetation were also replaced. Special humidification equipment was also included in the cover.

Quite a few benches were placed in the area, and 5,200 plants were also planted and planted by led candelabra. After dark, lights built into the sidewalk indicate the way for cyclists and pedestrians walking on it. The developments amounted to HUF 736 million.


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