Those who will be admitted to the University of Debrecen will receive a crown

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At the Pont Ott Party, everyone at the Debrecen Campus Festival can celebrate together, when they discover on Thursday evening which higher education institution they have been admitted to. It will also be possible to get to know the admission point limits of the University of Debrecen – writes on the institution’s website.

This year, too, young people will have the opportunity to be squeezed together in several major cities of the country in order to be admitted to a Hungarian higher education institution. In Debrecen, at the Campus Festival, at the University Square of Debrecen, you will be able to follow the development of the admission point limits on a large projector at the party starting on Thursday, July 22, at 8 pm.

As the scores of the University of Debrecen will also be revealed here, Elek Bartha, Vice-Rector for Education of the University of Debrecen and István Csont, President of the Student Self-Government of the University of Debrecen, will greet the participants and congratulate them.

Those who succeed in admission to the University of Debrecen will receive a crown from the organizers after the presentation of the notification SMS, and then they can celebrate with a big party on the spot.

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