The site of the future vaccine factory in Debrecen was inspected

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Vaccine production is a strategic issue that will determine our lives and defense capabilities in the long run, which is why the government has decided to include the vaccine factory in the national consultation, the parliamentary secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office said in Debrecen on Monday when he visited the university, and next to it the area of ​​the future vaccine factory.

Csaba Dömötör said: “such consultations have always strengthened the foundations of government decisions, which is why we encourage everyone to have their say”.

The government will provide about 55 billion forints for research, development and factory construction related to the domestic vaccine, the Secretary of State indicated.

According to Csaba Dömötör, one of the important lessons of recent months is that self-sufficiency and the ability to stand on one’s own are increasing in a crisis situation.

“This is true of protective equipment during an epidemic, and it is especially true of vaccines. We all remember the intense competition that has developed between virtually every country in the world to get more vaccines as soon as possible. ”

– he said, adding: Hungary was successful in this competition, which is also the reason why we are second in the order of defense of the EU countries. That is why life in our country could start sooner, he said.

In the long run, however, he continued, we must also build the capacity for self-sufficiency. This will be served by the Debrecen vaccine plant, which is a huge step forward in significantly reducing our dependence on foreign manufacturers. He added:

we are currently in the planning stage, but the foundation stone will be laid later in the summer. Thereafter, it is planned that the vaccine plant will be operational by the end of next year.

Csaba Dömötör called it an important circumstance that several technologies will be used in the factory, which will enable the production of vaccines developed either in Hungary or internationally.

The “National Vaccine Factory” to be built in Debrecen will also be suitable for the production of the Chinese vaccine

László Pósán, Member of Parliament for the region, pointed out: Debrecen has a long tradition of research, and one of the strategic areas of the University of Debrecen (DE) is the development of the health industry.

Today, higher education is not only an area of education and research but also has a strong link with economic life in the field of innovation, he added, noting that DE has developed a well-functioning industrial cluster network in the country. According to the representative, the change of the university model will further help to develop this.

László Pósán said that the necessary knowledge is available at the University of Debrecen and its surroundings to ensure the self-sufficiency of the vaccine against epidemics and infectious diseases for the Hungarians and the Carpathian Basin. The future vaccine plant will be run by a university-owned company, he added.

Photo: MTI / János Vajda

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