Third-degree danger signal came into force in Hajdú-Bihar due to heat, first-degree due to thunderstorms

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The weather will be very hot, but there is a chance for some relief. On Wednesday, the heat wave will disappear in Western Transdanubia. Heading east and southeast, we can expect ever-higher average daily temperatures, which in most of the Trans-Tisza region will reach 29 degrees, the National Meteorological Service writes.

Due to the heat, a red (third-degree) warning was issued to the eastern counties, an orange (second-degree) warning was issued to the central counties due to thunderstorms, and to Hajdú-Bihar and the other counties:

From dawn to noon, thunderstorms may occur mainly in the western part of Transdanubia, and the atmosphere will stabilize there later. After a temporary break, thunderstorms may occur in the middle wide band of the country from late afternoon. Thunderstorms can even be organized into a system from south to north. The most intense thunderstorms can be accompanied by stormy gusts of wind (typically 60-80 km / h, sometimes> 80 km / h), intense rainfall (> 10-20 mm), and hail (> 2-3 cm). At night, there may be additional thunderstorms in the eastern part of the country.

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