Bosch’s innovative collision avoidance system is being tested on trams in Debrecen

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The result of the German capital and Hungarian expertise is the innovative collision avoidance system, which was presented at a press conference on Tuesday at the site of the Debrecen Transport Company – DKV.

Zoltán Szőke, Vice President of Automated Driving Development at Bosch, called the day a milestone, as a technology that protects the city’s citizens will be put into operation in mid-July in Debrecen, which has reduced the number of public transport accidents in Frankfurt and Amsterdam by 40 percent.

The radars and camera systems at the front of the trams, as well as the control units, were made at Bosch’s plant in Hatvan. The system is able to detect danger from a distance of 70-80 meters and immediately transmits a light and sound signal to its electrician, who can react faster.

Attila Nagy, CEO of DKV, emphasized that this system has been successfully applied in Western Europe, helping the safety of passengers and the skills of tram drivers to prevent accidents. He explained that during the six-month test run, the system provides important information for both drivers and DKV. He expressed hope that other transport companies would also apply the collision avoidance system.

Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa said that in the framework of the Debrecen 2030 project, special attention will be paid to the development and safety of public transport. There were 130 accidents on tram line 2, which was launched five years ago, and the material damage caused by trams reached HUF 70 million. That’s why the technology developed by Bosch can play a key role in preventing electrical accidents, he explained.

Photo: DKV

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