The cigarette smuggler, who almost ran over the financial guards, could be held accountable for his actions in Debrecen

Local News

The Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office interrogated the man as a suspect for violence against an official and two criminal road threats.

On July 2, the Ukrainian man applied for entry at the Záhony border crossing and financiers found a cigarette of Ukrainian origin without a tax stamp hidden in the engine compartment of the car.

According to well-founded suspicion, when the man noticed this, he got into his car and pushed him out of the examination place in order to withdraw from the procedure.

Then the Chief Sergeant of Finance ran from the test site to the car and, standing in front of the vehicle, called on the man to stop, but he did not do so and set off at high speed to the official in front of him. The cashier got out of the way of the approaching vehicle, then grabbed the door handle on the left front door of the car passing by and tried to open it.

The 37-year-old man still didn’t stop, he started to speed up and so he pulled with him the financial guard holding the doorknob, who did about 4-5 meters running past the car and then let go of the passing car.

Meanwhile, another treasurer hurried over to prevent the car from leaving, stopped on the road, but the perpetrator set off with vigorous acceleration to the treasurer, who, noticing the danger, jumped out of the approaching vehicle.

The foreign man drove off the scene, but during his escape, he soon caused a road accident and overturned his car.

The investigating prosecutor’s office ordered the perpetrator’s detention and interrogated him as a suspect, and then made a motion to order his arrest. The Debrecen District Court is deciding today on the issue of ordering a coercive measure.

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