The development of the bicycle path between the Biczó István Garden and Panoráma út has started

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The development of the bicycle path between the Biczó István Garden and Panoráma út has started, the local government said.

Communications replacement works and curb construction are currently underway. The construction of the cycle path affecting the eastern part of the city started on Wesselényi Street. Work will take place at several locations simultaneously in the coming months, when all phases are completed, an 8 km long section will lead from downtown to Panorama Road.

The current roughly 80-kilometer cycle path network will grow by 10 percent. The most important aspect is that cyclists can ride safely. On the other hand, tourism aspects also play a role in the development of this cycling route. After all, we will be able to reach Panorama Road, a significant tourist zone in the eastern part of the city, by bicycle. The tourism booming by the bike path will also have a positive impact on small restaurants

– said Mayor László Papp.

The cycle path from Sikló Street to Panoráma út is 2700 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, with a double border, for HUF 238 million gross.

The contractor took over the work area on Wesselényi Street at the beginning of May. In the first phase, the cycle path will be built to the Lion Office Center on Vágóhíd Street, continuing the existing cycle path. At the beginning of the summer, construction is expected to start from the junction of Vágóhíd utca and Diószegi út towards Sikló utca. Finally, a bicycle path will be built along the entire length of Vágóhíd Street from the Lion Office Center to Diószegi Road, so the 8 km section will be complete.

The local government will spend more than HUF 3 billion on the development of cycling infrastructure in the coming years. Member of Parliament László Pósán emphasized that those who plan to spend active leisure time will easily be able to get to the resting places in the outer parts of Debrecen by bicycle. And those living here will be able to use the bike path under construction for everyday exercise.

The works from Sikló Street to Panorama Road are expected to be completed in March 2022.

According to the local government representative Szabolcs Komolay, the city of Debrecen always thinks in strategy, always plans in advance and implements a concept that serves the interests of the people living here in the long run. The Debrecen 2030 program is also such, within the framework of which this development will be implemented.

The Debrecen cycle path network is about 80 km. In the coming years, 28 km of cycle paths will be built.

István Kovács, the local government representative of the area, said: with the bicycle path implemented within the framework of the Horticultural Development Program, the old desire of the people living here will be fulfilled. He added that it will be used not only by the residents here but also for tourism purposes, whether those living in the city center or in the western part of the city can visit it and try out the bike path.


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