The summer evening program of the Debrecen Zoo returns with music

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True to its tradition, the Debrecen Zoo is once again waiting for those interested with special summer evening experiences, as it organizes the highly successful Evening Walks on Fridays from this week until the end of August, said dr. Gergely Sándor Nagy managing director.

This year’s novelty is that the occasion on June 18 and 25 will be complemented by the concert of their invited guest, the Kodály Philharmonic, which will take place in an uncommon venue, in the giraffe runway!

Participants in the program, held in the charm of a summer evening, can get a glimpse into the thousands of secrets of the garden under a unique professional guide and look behind the scenes, where the previously unknown evening life of the animals is revealed. With the help of animal caretakers, they can get to know the most special residents during the action: for example, they can learn how hippos brush their teeth, follow the night raids of large carnivores, and discover many of the special features of the Palm House. They can also meet up close to the zoo’s babysitters, including this year’s penguin nursery student, Manfred, and Zahara, a giraffe girl who is soon celebrating her first birthday.

From 20:00 to 23:00, every Friday until August 20, the unparalleled experience can be enjoyed at the Debrecen Zoo. Tickets are available in a limited number: occasionally 60 can be redeemed online in advance at a unit price of HUF 3,800, and another 20 on the spot for HUF 4,000 per person.

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