A total of 12,782 selective waste collectors are in use in Debrecen

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The Ondódians were able to take over selective waste collection containers.

In Debrecen, a total of 12,782 hundred-twenty-liter yellow-litter bins are already in use on family-owned properties.

Municipal representative Erzsébet Katona told the press conference that this started two months ago in Ondód’s life. So far, the residents here have collected the selective waste in yellow bags. We surveyed the needs with the residents living here and now, as part of a social partnership, 144 yellow-covered bins arrived at the same time.

At least half of the total waste generated in a household can be recycled, which, if collected separately, can do a lot for our environment.

The yellow lid collection container can be used to collect newsprint, clean packaging paper, office waste paper, flyers, advertising brochures, PET bottles, plastic bags, advertising bags, foil, aluminum beverage cans, metal cans, metal closures.

In the customer service office of Debrecen Hulladék Közszolgáltató Nonprofit Kft.


Debrecen City Hall Press

Picture: János Miskolczi

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