Two men abuse a puppy – this is what awaits them

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The Berettyóújfalu District Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the two men who abused and then left a dog to die.

The 24- and 21-year-old defendants crocheted a fishing line on the neck of one of their medium-sized dogs at noon on June 5, 2020. The defendants thus pulled the dod onto a nearby dirt road, where they were moored to a pylon. The younger defendant hit the animal’s head several times with the side of an ax, then the two men left the dog and left the scene.

The animal died within a short time from injuries to its neck and head. The older defendant later returned to the scene, taking the dog to a nearby wheat field and leaving it behind.

During the investigation carried out by the Berettyóújfalu Police Headquarters, the two men denied committing the crime.

The Berettyóújfalu District Prosecutor’s Office prosecuted the Berettyóújfalu District Court for the violation of animal torture against the accused. The district prosecutor’s office proposed the imposition of imprisonment, imprisonment and an ancillary ban on disqualification from public affairs in the indictment. The district prosecutor’s office also proposed in the indictment the specific amount of the sentence in the event that the defendants confess to their deeds at the preparatory hearing of the district court and waive the trial.

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