A man was almost beaten to death in a bachelor party at Debrecen

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The Hajdú-Bihar County Attorney General’s Office prosecuted two men for attempts to commit life-threatening bodily harm and other crimes, the older of whom provoked those in the company of the other accused, and then the younger accused severely abused his older accused.

On August 22, 2020, in the evening, at night, the older accused held a bachelor party with his friends in various nightclubs in Debrecen, drinking alcohol, and then on dawn on August 23, they went to one of the downtown fast-food restaurants to buy food. The company waited at the restaurant’s external server window, during which time the younger defendant and his relatives waited in the restaurant’s internal server room to take the food.

One of those outside noticed that the company was talking and laughing inside the restaurant, taking this into question in outrage, and then a fierce quarrel ensued between them.

The drunken accused, who was holding a bachelor party, also thought the other group was laughing at his friend, so he walked over to one of the men standing in the restaurant doorway and, after patting his shoulder, grabbing his T-shirt and began to tug at him, tore his clothes as well.

Perceiving the attack on his relative, the younger defendant ran from the interior to the door and once with his fist hit the face of his older accused partner with great force, who consequently fell to the ground. His friends rushed to the aid of the injured accused, however, the younger accused hit the face and upper body of one of them with his fists several times.

The older defendant had his left temporal bone fractured as a result of the abuse, and suffered such severe facial injuries that, given the mode of perpetration and the magnitude of the force, there was a realistic chance of developing a life-threatening injury.

The senior defendant, who was holding his bachelor party, exhibited defiantly anti-community, violent behavior that was apt to cause outrage and alarm in others.

The investigation in the case was carried out by the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters.

The Hajdú-Bihar County Attorney General’s Office attempted a crime of life-threatening bodily harm against the older defendant, while he brought charges against the younger defendant for misconduct at the Debrecen General Court. The Attorney General’s Office proposed in the indictment that the tribunal sentence the younger man to a suspended prison sentence, while the probation of the older accused be used as a measure.



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