The pedestrian crossing in Debrecen is being repainted at 22 locations

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A warning painting to make pedestrian crossings without traffic lights safer – the white pavement signs are highlighted in red – started last year and will continue this year. This was reported in a press conference by László Pósán, Member of Parliament, Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs and Municipal Representative Aurélia Orosz at the pedestrian crossing at the intersection of István út and Kristály utca on 3 June 2021. The goal is to have a pedestrian crossing reinforced with an attention-grabbing red sign at each junction that handles significant traffic.

– Last year we made 9 zebras more visible and safer, while this year we painted 22 pedestrian crossings in red and white within the framework of the Debrecen 2030 program. Our goal is to make it easier for pedestrians to notice zebras, and thus for pedestrians to be safer, said Ákos Balázs. The deputy mayor indicated that the painting program to make pedestrian crossings safer will continue next year.

This year’s locations for painting warning signs (22 locations in total):

  1. At the intersection of Veres Péter utca and Vay Ádám utca on the branch of Veres Péter utca
  2. At the intersection of Huszár Gál Street and Kincseshegy Street on the Huszár Gál Street branch
  3. At the intersection of Ótemető utca and Víztorony utca on the Ótemető utca branch
  4. At the intersection of Cegléd Street and Baross Street on the Baross Street branch (to be painted after large-scale asphalting affecting Baross Street)
  5. In front of Szabó Kálmán utca 38
  6. At the intersection of Hétvezér utca and Böllér utca on the Hétvezér utca branch
  7. At the intersection of Leiningen Street and Lomnicz Street on the Leiningen Street branch
  8. At the intersection of Monostorpályi út and Cseresznye utca on the Monostorpályi utca branch
  9. In front of Erzsébet utca 2
  10. At the intersection of István út and Kristály utca on the István út branch
  11. In front of István út 24
  12. On Vincellér street at the Aldi department store on the Vincellér street branch
  13. Before Kishegyesi út 88
  14. At the intersection of Bartók Béla út and Vág utca on the branch of Bartók Béla utca
  15. In front of 16 Ibolya Street
  16. At the intersection of Csapó utca and Kölcsey utca on the Csapó utca branch
  17. In front of Thomas Mann Street 19
  18. At the intersection of Bolyai Street and Jerikó Street on the Jerikó Street branch
  19. At the intersection of Vezér Street and Nyék Street on the Vezér Street branch
  20. In Dóczy József street at the entrance of the University Square car park on the Dóczy József street branch
  21. In Pallag on Mezőazdász utca in front of the János Balásházy technical school
  22. Józsán at the intersection of Deák Ferenc utca and Szentgyörgyfalvi út on the Deák Ferenc utca branch

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