Details of a brutal murder in Debrecen

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The details of last year’s brutal murder are now reported by the prosecution.

The accused and his partner lived as homeless people in Debrecen, moving into a ruined building near the crime scene. They both drank regularly, and on July 12, 2020, they headed to a grocery store around 5:30 a.m. to buy liquor after opening.

On foot, at the back stairwell entrance of one of the condominiums, they noticed a victim sitting there, already known to them, also living as a homeless person. The accused went to the victim and asked him for a lighter. The victim suddenly stood up and slapped the accused with his fist on the mouth without saying a word. The young man became enraged at this and began to wrestle with the victim. The sidewalk at the entrance to the stairwell was wet and muddy, and the accused slipped on it and fell backwards and dragged the victim with him. The accused then stood up quickly, trampling the victim’s face lying on his back several times with great force. The victim lost consciousness, however, the accused left the scene.

The young man’s partner was close to the crime and repeatedly called on the man to end the victim’s abuse.

The victim suffered multiple fractures of the skull bone and died within a short time due to the extraordinary bleeding. His life could not have been saved by the prompt and professional medical help he got.

The investigation was carried out by the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters.

The Hajdú-Bihar County Attorney General’s Office brought charges against the recidivist in custody for the crime of homicide committed with special cruelty at the Debrecen General Court. In the indictment, the Prosecutor General’s Office proposed that the tribunal sentence the accused to imprisonment and, as an ancillary punishment, prohibit him from practicing public affairs. The Prosecutor General’s Office also proposed in the indictment the specific level of the penalty in case.

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