The Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park has joined an international volunteer program

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It is a priority for the country’s first rural zoo and the only amusement park to be a venue for local community life and an active participant at the same time. In the spirit of this, it has been regularly welcoming enthusiastic young people for many years who want to help the park as a volunteer or as part of a fun, cohesive and nature-friendly team as part of their university internship. This community-building effort has reached a new level this year after the institution has been admitted as a partner of the European Solidarity Body so that from next year it will also welcome disadvantaged foreign young people as part of a long-term volunteer project.

Prospective international volunteers will work under the guidance of their mentors as zoological or animal care assistants and animators, and during their stay, in addition to the staff of the institution, the support organizations involved in the project will help them integrate and become involved in local community life. It is hoped that this co-operation will be fruitful for all parties and will contribute both to the personal development and experience of the volunteers and to the experiences provided by the institution, thus making local cultural and community life even more diverse – read in the announcement of Dr. Gergely Sándor Nagy, managing director.

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