Man spits on a soldier in Debrecen because he “serves Orban”

Local News

The young man exercised unprecedented self-control.

The Cop Supporter shared the case, which according to one reader took place in Debrecen:

It happened today and it hurts terribly, my son is 20 years old and a soldier. He just came home from hospital service, he was on the border too. He was waiting for the bus in Debrecen, when a retired old man, who acted like a monkey spat at him an cursed him through saying: “O *** soldier”. My son didn’t react, he just went away, but if I had been there I would have been sure to react.

-Wrote the parent of the humiliated soldier, who sends a message to the person to “think about his acts, and if he gets in trouble, don’t be there for him, soldiers, policemen!”

As he writes, the case is sad and not enthusiastic and the young soldier did not deserve it.

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