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The Debrecen Women’s Public Association of Unsolicited Attention provided joy for Debrecen’s difficult children on the occasion of Children’s Day.

We spent the morning at the Kamilla Families Temporary Home and the Szeta Nap Street home. In both institutions, they ensure that families live with their children and provide assistance to parents through caring for their children, according to the association’s report.

Our old acquaintances, because we have been to our food distributions several times in recent years, and we also brought them food. That’s what we did now. The parents welcomed the stuffed cabbage, the children were given sweets. We also brought games and books. It was a pleasure for everyone to see their sparkling eyes.

Special thanks to the donations of an entrepreneur from Berettyóújfalu. Thanks to him, the children could eat very delicious strawberries. Delicacy was a real treasure for them.

We then visited families with children patronized by the association. We went to Pac, where our “adopted” son, Ferike, lives with his brother and parents in difficult circumstances. We arrived with our packages, there was great happiness. Ferike will go to school from September, our small community would also like to help his enroll. The family recently moved into a new apartment where they can live in a more humane and friendly environment. We’ve been pleased to see that thanks to good people, they live a little better, but they’re still a long way from having no livelihood problems.

After Ferike, our trip took us to a family of seven. We had already delivered them a carriage outfit this week, now we had a hearty lunch. We didn’t forget about the children either, we got a small gift for everyone. Parents raise their children fairly, providing them with “everything” according to their modest possibilities. Unfortunately, the epidemic wore them out, as they now get much less in the store for the same amount of money. The price of everyday food is rising day by day, but the family wallet is not thickening so fast. In fact, you could say no at all. Therefore, they would welcome durable food, children’s clothes. Those who want to support the family should indicate we will help you get in touch.

Every day more and more residents of Debrecen come to us to support them. We are convinced that we need to help more and more people believe in it because they are poor, the same people as those who have had a place on the sunny side of life.

Of course, the association will do its job in the future to the best of its ability, but we are pushing the limits of our ability to perform. Our “protégés” so far can still count on us, but we can no longer expand this circle as a non-governmental organization without financial support.

If you would like to help or provide support, you can call the following telephone number every day of the week: 30 9841 963.

Our e-mail address:

By bank transfer: Unsolicited Attention Account number of the Debrecen Women’s Public Association: Polgári Bank ZRT 612 00261-11059802

Please enter in the announcement: food distribution, 2021. If you want to support a family with seven children, enter as an announcement: donation to a large family

– Zoltán Szabó, vice president of the association

Stakeholders contributed to the images.

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