Pallet Maze Brought to You by Trans-Sped for Children’s Day

Local News
We are very happy to see major local companies take active part in the enrichment of Debrecen’s community facilities; especially since the Pallet Maze you may remember from past amusement park events has now returned as a permanent attraction thanks to a new main sponsor, Trans-Sped.

Built from 130 recycled pallets, the Maze offers a playful and all-generation introduction to the handling, storage and transport of goods by putting one of the most fundamental tools in logistics in a new perspective. Children’s Weekend is the perfect time for you to come explore it for yourselves as we are hosting a rich array of programs and activities in addition to zoo and amusement park adventures:
Available for all visitors above 3 with free usage, the Pallet Maze is hoped to offer shared funs and thrills for multiple generations.
Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park

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