Yesterday’s reports in Hajdú-Bihar

Local News

A tree fell on the road yesterday early in the morning in Debrecen on Pallagi út. The professional firefighters in Debrecen removed the wood with a chainsaw.

As a result of a pipe rupture, a ten-meter tree fell dangerously yesterday afternoon in Létavértes on Kossuth Street. The municipal firefighters of Létavértes removed a plant that endangered both pedestrian and road traffic with the help of a chainsaw.

The carbon monoxide sensor was signaled on Wednesday night in a family house in Berettyóújfalu on Gyulai Pál Street. Professional firefighters from Berettyóújfalu marched to the site, who carried out measurements that showed the presence of dangerous gas. The ambulance service transported three people to the hospital for observation. The gas supplier has excluded the faulty appliance from the system.


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate

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