Planting More Trees on Bird and Arbor Day

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Observed throughout Hungary on May 10 since 1906, Bird and Arbor Day aims to raise awareness – originally among youngsters – of birds and trees and the importance of conserving these invaluable members of ecosystems.

Trees not only contribute to carbon dioxide absorption and the production of vital oxygen, but they also provide habitats for countless species. This day in particular should remind us of the current plight of fauna as well as the flora that contributes to the production of vital oxygen and provides habitats for countless species. According to a recent and most alarming IUCN report, 42 percent of tree species found in Europe are at a risk of extinction due to a variety of diseases, invasive species, or unsustainable logging.

Besides caring for and showcasing some 900 individuals of 176 animal species from all around the globe, it is a key part of our mission to help conserve Debrecen’s Great Forest, the oldest nature reserve in Hungary. Last year we managed to plant a total of over 3000 plants – including specimens of native species like common oaks, small-leaved limes, field maples and European wild pears – and now, with pleasant spring weather here, we resume planting trees, both for the beauty of our park and the health of the ecosystem that surrounds us. Bird and Arbor Day is a fitting occasion for us to plant a willow sapling by our Bridge Pond, already a sight to see in its spring glory.

Traditionally celebrated with visiting school groups, Bird and Arbor Day is a good time to remind you that, since our reopening on May 1, group visits are very welcome. For monre information, please visit


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