DKV will launch special trips on the occasion of Transport Culture Day

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May 11 is Transport Culture Day. On this day, the transport sector would like to draw attention to a day of cultured transport with a national action.

The aim of the national action is to widely disseminate safe and environmentally conscious forms of transport behavior, to involve a population receptive to cultured transport, and to present and raise the standard of a tolerant, partnership-based transport culture that pays attention to each other.

Transport culture is an existing concept, the development and deepening of which is a national matter. Let’s work together for cultured transportation, for a cultured city. Since 2015, 11 May has been Transport Culture Day, to which DKV has also joined.

A special tram service will be launched on the occasion of the event on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, “Did you really like to travel like this ?! … illustrative trash”. The interactive exhibition on the Bengal tram will illustrate the cultured journey and its absence.

Trams depart from the Grand Station at the following times:

Line 1: 14:02 and -15: 46

Line 2: 14:46 and 16:30

The trams can be used in compliance with the epidemiological rules in force.



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