Police officers in Debrecen were convicted of abuse

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The Debrecen General Court sentenced 3 former police officers to prison suspended for abuse in official proceedings and other crimes on Tuesday, the court said in a statement on its website.

According to the data of the proceedings, on August 25, 2019, the three defendants went to a settlement in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County because a report of a family conflict had been received.

The defendants took action against an aggressive, drunk man. To curb him, his hands were handcuffed back, an ambulance was asked at the scene, and the man was put in the service car. But the defendants did not wait for the ambulance to arrive but drove him to a parking lot in the settlement. The victim was unable to move, was still handcuffed and was also fastened in the car with a seat belt. The third-degree defendant made a video of the man with the consent of his peers. Meanwhile, the first-degree defendant squeezed the victim’s nape and shouted into his ear. The victim licked his wrist, however, the first-degree defendant did not stop the aggressive behavior, while the second-order defendant in the front seat of the car turned around and struck the victim three times, hitting him once. The third-degree defendant, who made the recording, also shouted at the man, and then the first-order defendant continued to abuse and intimidate him.

According to the facts, the defendants engaged in defiantly anti-community and violent conduct with the aim of inciting the victim to be alarmed by their belonging to a particular ethnic group.

The service status of the three former police officers at the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Police Headquarters was terminated after the investigation of the case, and the Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against them.

On Tuesday, the military council of the Debrecen Tribunal held a preparatory meeting where the accused and their defendants did not request a presentation of the indictment, so the prosecutor filed a motion to impose a penalty and marked his evidence. The defendants waived their right to a hearing at the preparatory hearing and made a confession, which was accepted by the military judge, and thus no longer examined the merits of the indictment and the issue of guilt.

Under the law, after admitting the defendants, the court could not impose a heavier penalty than the prosecutor’s moderate motion and did not consider it less severe.

The court found the three defendants guilty of ill-treatment in a group in formal proceedings and violence against a member of a community committed with group abuse by the third-degree defendant as an aide.

In accordance with the prosecutor’s motion, the court sentenced the first-degree defendant to 2 years’ imprisonment, suspended for a probationary period of 4 years, and ordered him to attend tempering therapy, which he ordered to supervise the accused during his probation. The second-degree defendant was sentenced by the court to 1 year 11 months, while the third-degree defendant was sentenced to 1 year 10 months in prison, the execution of which was suspended for both of them for a probation period of 3 years. The court demoted all three defendants.

The trial court’s judgment was not final, the prosecutor and the third-degree defendant and his counsel took note, but the first- and second-degree defendants and their counsel reserved three days to reflect on the statement of appeal.


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