A couriers in Debrecen stole packages in an organized manner

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The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office has indicted employees of a courier company and their associates who stole various parcels, and one of them also delivered fraudulently ordered mobile phones illegally.

Two drivers of a courier company decided to steal packages to be delivered in Debrecen. Between February and April 2019, the defendants were able to remove the boxes containing valuable electronic products from their workplace without being illegally recorded in the database. The defendants later sold the stolen products and distributed the money among themselves. As a result, six victims suffered more than HUF 2,000,000 in damage, which was partially reimbursed by package insurances.

One of the couriers met the third accused, with whom it was agreed that the man would place orders with the personal data of others for money in the webshop of one of the mobile phone service companies, request delivery to the Debrecen courier and then steal the goods.

The latter man involved his partner in the fraud, both of whom called the customer service of the mobile phone company several times, where they extradited themselves to the persons named in the order and inquired about the expected date of delivery. Based on the information thus obtained, the courier defendant was contacted, who handed over the packages containing the valuable mobile phone handsets to the accused of the fraudulent defendant, who later sold them in violation of the delivery rules.

Using this method, between December 2018 and February 2019, a total of nine mobile phone handsets were fraudulently acquired, causing nearly HUF 3,500,000 in damage to the telephone company, which was not recovered. The man also ordered seven more devices worth a total of more than HUF 2,500,000, but the service company no longer fulfilled them. The service provider claimed compensation for the damage during the investigation carried out by the Debrecen Police Headquarters.

The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office has attempted criminal offenses of fraud committed in a consortium and on a commercial basis, causing a significant amount of damage to the accused, a criminal offense committed in a criminal conspiracy, misuse of personal data and other criminal offenses. The district prosecutor’s office filed a motion to impose a prison sentence against 3 defendants and an additional sentence of disqualification from public affairs, and a suspended prison sentence against the fourth defendant. The district prosecutor’s office also requested that the district court adjudicates on the merits of the civil claim filed by the victim’s representative. The district prosecutor’s office also proposed in the indictment the specific level of punishment in the event that the accused admit at the preparatory session of the district court that they have committed the crimes charged against them and waive the trial.



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