Tree planting on Earth Day in Debrecen

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Trees were planted and a wasp garage was placed by members of the Future of Debrecen movement in the Big Forest on the occasion of Earth Day. In addition to the members of the Green Working Group, Ákos Balázs, Deputy Mayor, Lajos Kósa, Member of Parliament and László Pósán, Member of Parliament took part in the attitude-forming action.

We are proud that the Big Forest lives in Debrecen, which is the first nature conservation area in the country. The protection of the natural treasures of Debrecen was also important for our ancestors, this obliges us to pass on the guarded city of Nature, Debrecen, to the next generation in a better condition! It is our heritage that gave birth to the Future of Debrecen movement. The Future of Debrecen is also a set of values, style and movement! – emphasized Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs.

In 2020, the management of Debrecen announced a new environmental policy. In two years, 3,200 trees were planted, 50 green bus stops were established, the Sustainable Debrecen Award was established, they were the first to join the Green Bus program, a number of garbage collection and awareness-raising campaigns were carried out, a Green Working Group of professionals was established and the Future of Debrecen was launched.

In 2020, the civilian government adopted a climate and nature action plan, which includes significant afforestation in the country. We, the people of Debrecen, will join forces to protect the environment of our city, we will not only talk about it, but we will do it every day – said László Pósán, Member of Parliament.

Environmental protection, afforestation and increasing green areas also receive special attention in Debrecen. Therefore, it is an important task to eliminate illegal landfills, to develop waste management, to put electric buses on the market, but it is equally important to preserve and develop our spaces and parks.

The establishment of the Big Forest is the best proof that the civilians have always paid attention to their city and the environment. We must continue this tradition, we must do it every day in order to make Debrecen a green, homely and livable city in the future as well – emphasized Lajos Kósa, Member of Parliament.

The park forest part of the Big Forest is a converted forest that cannot provide a suitable home for many animal species. There is little space for them, such as a pale tree. Therefore, it is very important to be able to provide habitat for key species such as bees. The Park Forest is also a good place for the wasp garage because the bees are not trapped here because its food network can be found – Csaba Aradi, an ecologist and a member of the Green Working Group, pointed out.

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