The implementation of the Green City Program has started in Újkert

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Work will be carried out at nine sites in the New Garden area in the coming months. The contractor is carrying out the reconstruction of the interiors, squares and parks of housing estates: green areas, playgrounds and sports fields will be renovated from approximately HUF 870 million from EU and local government sources.

A total of 12 hectares will be affected by the development – announced on May 19, 2021, Mayor László Papp, 39-53 Böszörményi út. and Jericho Street 2-18. in the work area between blocks. Among other things, a new playground is being built here, and the green area is also undergoing a complete reconstruction. The mayor said that the total investment will cost HUF 872 million, of which HUF 653 million will be EU funds and HUF 219 million will be the city’s contribution.

“We are planting 83 trees and planting nearly 38,000 shrubs and perennials. We are renovating worn-out areas on 64 thousand square meters with grass. In addition, the modernization of five playgrounds and nine sports fields is also part of the investment, but sidewalks and benches are also being renovated. The goal is to provide better living conditions for those who live here, ”the mayor added.

Member of Parliament Lajos Kósa emphasized that the Green City Program is unique in the country as well, such a comprehensive development does not take place anywhere else. He put it this way:

not only the economic results of the city matter, it is also important that all parts of Debrecen are livable.

György Korbeák, the local government representative of the place of work, emphasized that the housing estate built in the early 1980s had never undergone such a comprehensive modernization. Transforming community spaces will be a novelty for all generations.

“Playgrounds and sports fields in the area will be renewed and a TRAFFIC COURSE will be created. In addition, the area around Nagy domb, which is a popular event venue for new gardens, will also undergo a complete transformation, ”

-said György Korbeák.

Katalin Bordásné Gyuris, the municipal representative of the northern side of Újkert, announced that the dog runner in the block inside Görgey Street will be renewed, where new equipment will be placed, but for example, chess tables, will also be placed in public spaces.

Levente Fodor, the municipal representative of Sestakert, said that the area has already been renovated under the Green City Program, but the popular meeting place is the Great Hill in Újkert, where a basketball and small football field and an outdoor gym are now being built.

Work on the Green City Program for the New Garden will be completed early next year. The development covers the following areas:

o Doberdó utca – Görgey utca block interior
o the surroundings of the sports field on the corner of Békessy Béla Street
o A playground opposite the Görgey Street Kindergarten
o Böszörményi út 39-53. array interior
o Böszörményi út 55-73. array interior
o Böszörményi út 75-87. area behind
o the area in front of Jerikó Street 25
o The Great Hill and its surroundings
o the area next to 14 Lehel Street.

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