A thousand breeding pigeons move to Hajdúböszörmény

Local News

The municipality of Böszörmény has recently received another, previously leased, dilapidated part of the building, which, after the renovation, provides space for a micro-regional sample program – it can be read on the city’s social media page.

Today, the Hajdú farm operates at the former site of SZÖVÁLL, which was destroyed. Livestock and agricultural activities take place here through a public employment program. The aim of the city management is to realize value-creating and lasting investments, so the “Soaring Economy” – National Meat Pigeon Program will start on the Hajdú farm.

The Ministry of the Interior provided about HUF 40 million for the establishment of a site for meat pigeon breeding and the purchase of 1,000 breeding pigeons and fodder.

Breeding pigeons are already arriving in March. The integrator contract ensures a predictable acquisition and a secure market in the future. By caring for the pigeons, they also help employ the disadvantaged.

The aim of the Government with this program is to revive the pigeon keeping with centuries-old traditions in Hungary, the city adds in a statement.


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