Healthy Youth in Debrecen: Kids Can Play Sports Already in Kindergarten

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The sports field of the Kindergarten in Sinay Miklós Street has been completed, and kids have now taken it over. The municipality provided 4.5 million HUF to support the foundation specialised in this sector.

The Municipality of Debrecen had a winner tender, and it also added significant financial resources from its own budget to construct a kindergarten-sports field in the institute in Sinay Miklós Street. Of the overall costs spent on the newly-opened sports field, 30 per cent comes from municipal resources, and the larger part of it, which amounts to almost 10 million HUF, from corporation tax resources. Vice Mayor Lajos Barcsa said at the inauguration event held on 25 September 2020 that sports fields had already been inaugurated in 2017 in several places, namely in the kindergartens in Kemény Zsigmond-, Pósa- and Arany János Streets, as well as in Százszorszép Kindergarten, and so the one in Sinay Miklós Street is the fifth in line. „The city leadership has the aim to educate healthy young people. We have to start making kids accept and get to like sports as early as their kindergarten years” – emphasised the Vice Mayor.


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