Elderly people get robbed by three criminals

Local News Police

Three men were arrested for robbing and insulting elderly people in Debrecen.

According to the available information, on 24 March 2015 an old man was tricked to let the three perpetrators to his home; the three men, Ferenc P., Richérd F. and György H., took all the old man’s money. On 27 March 2015 the same three men went to an old lady’s flat, pretending that they were plumbers, and robbed the 81-year-old woman.

Investigations, which were started by detectives of Hajdú-Bihar Central Police Station, have lead to the conclusion that from 3 June 2014 to 10 June 2015 the three perpetrators robbed eight elderly people in Debrecen.

After thorough investigations, György H. and Richárd F. were identified and taken into custody by detectives on 16 June 2015. Finally on 8 October 2015, the third robber, Ferenc P. was also arrested.

The police have finished the investigation in the last few days and the motion of prosecution was sent to the competent High Prosecution Office.


Source and photo: debreceninap.hu

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