Latvians Won The Competition

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The Latvian Youth Choir “Kamer…” won the Bartók Béla XXV. International Choir Competition, that was held in Debrecen.

The 23 years old Latvian chorister, Janis Liepinst was welcomed with an enormous applause in Kölcsey Centre, Debrecen. The choir also became the winner in the nominations of chamber choirs and mixed choirs; they won three prizes altogether.

“Karmer” youth mixed choir can be characterized by young passion combined with sensitive musicality. The choir was established in 1990 by Maris Simaris. In 2012 Janis Liepnis became the leader of the choir. In the past few years they presented so many songs that they enriched the world’s a capella literature with new and interesting pieces. The most significant task of the choir was the “World Sun Songs” project, in which 17 pieces of great composers had to be performed. Judit Váradi, artistic counsellor says that “The emotions are just as important as the quality of the performances. These two quantities are clearly can be seen in the performances of the Kamer, hence the meaning of their name is ‘as long as we are young, everything is possible’.”

The prizes will be given to the winners in a gala show in Kölcsey Centre. The 130th birthday of Zoltán Kodály will also be celebrated in the show; Psalmus Hungaricus will be performed by the conduction of Dániel Somogyi-Tóth.

The special guest of the gala will be Mrs Zoltán Kodály Sarolta Péczely who dominated a surcharge to the competition.



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