Common Military Training with the Nations of KFOR

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MH KFOR Contingent sixth change has held a common military training with the nations of KFOR Mission.

Soldiers for the military training were taken from the 5th István Bocskai Rifle Brigade. The soldiers who have participated in the camp, that is called Slim Lines, had the opportunity to learn the methods of each nations.

Concerning the attendance, the following nations have shown themselves: the Polish company, an Armenian company, EOD Team and FOMD II of Switzerland, a Portuguese company, the German Water Cannon Squad and the soldiers of a Hungarian section.

The first day of the camp was about the techniques of individual mass handling (CRC), within the confines of a presentation. After this the soldiers learned the specific handlings of CRCs of the different nations. Later the pleading against the ‘Molotov-cocktail’ was demonstrated. During the afternoon all the participating nations held demonstrations about their technical tools.

On the second day, the possibilities of using tanks during CRC operations were presented on a company level. Then the soldiers shown their acquaintances in finishing trainings, in which the FOMD II and the Water Cannon Squad have also participated. The imaginary situation was about the followings: an international CRC unit dissolves a demonstrating mass that has blockaded both sides of a street. The training was successfully managed to settle. It was surveyed by the head of operation and head of training of the Multinational Battle Group East personally.

The Portuguese-Hungarian body was responsible for the organisation and implementation of the exercises. “I am glad that we managed to organise a successful and effective training. We can get the most useful experiences from each other” – said Csaba Hegedüs, captain, department deputy of the KTM (KFOR Tactical Reserve Manoeuvre Battalion), who was the chief organiser of the whole training.


Gergő Tamás
Captain/MH KFOR-6

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