At least 12 carts in Flower Carnival parade

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As matters stand now, 12 carts are sure to participate in the Flower Carnival procession. An artist from Budapest is also working on the carnival compositions.

According to Deputy Mayor Béla Somogyi, carnival preparations are well underway. This time, an artist from Budapest has been asked to help with creating some of the carnival carts. Sculptor János Lestyán-Goda is working on the composition of Cegléd and Balatonfüred and the flower cart of the city of Debrecen, too.

This year, the flower carts are going to parade on a different route. The carnival procession starts from the train station, goes down Piac Street until Kossuth Square where it turns on Hatvan Street. Then the carts and the groups go along Bethlen Street from where they turn on Füredi Street that leads them to Simonyi Street.  Unlike in previous years, there will be no stands in Egyetem sugárút because there, the spectators had to watch the parade under the burning sun. The stands will move to Simonyi Street, to a shadowy area.


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