Campus Festival starts! – Strict security checks

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Campus Festival started on Wednesday. Day 0 was marked by tight security checks at the gates, setting up tents and, of course, heavy rain.

Because of last year’s ticket counterfeiting, safety checks at the entrance have been tightened. The wristbands have been equipped with many security elements and are placed on the wrists of the festival people with a special tool. The security personnel at the gates searched everyone from head to toe, looked through every baggage and took a smell at everything. Using the last method, the guards caught someone who was trying to smuggle some alcohol to the festival area in a shower gel bottle. After the successful entrance, the visitors were busy with setting up their tents.

There weren’t any concerts on day 0 but on Thursday, day 1, even the main stage will come alive with music. Besides the concerts, numerous civil organization are going to provide entertainment. In the accompanying event of the festival called Campus Olimpia, nearly 1000 students from Hungarian and foreign higher-education institutions are going to compete for the fourth time. Participants can compete in football, basketball and beach volleyball.


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