Research programme for faster, more secure data transfer

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Cooperating with its consortium partners, the University of Debrecen has launched a two-year programme the aim of which is ensuring faster and more secure Internet data traffic.

The research is of high priority for the university as info-communication is one of the most dynamically developing industries. In the next two years, the university will be elaborating the theory of a technology that enables the creation of an apparatus that provides data transfer of 100 Gb/s while the practical implementation will be carried out by the Hungarian-owned AITIA International Zrt.

 Pál Varga, leader of the project on AITIA’s side said that the goal was to build a device which can safely monitor even one thousand times bigger data traffic. The expert reported that 40-50 people would take part in the programme. He added that in case the development project would be successful in Hungary, the new device could get to the Central European markets.

 Source: MTI

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