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The comprehensive moving process is about to end in the Faculties of Sciences.

The plan of moving has been crystallized years ago, it was realized by the Committee of Faculties of Sciences in the autumn of 2012. The former English Teacher Training Collage in Kassai street was transformed three years ago into an incubator house for informatics. On the expanded area, the Faculty of Law has also gained its place. The temporary location of Faculty of Arts, including English Teacher Training Collage, was in GÖCS. It was expected that Faculty of Informatics will get a new building by winning TIOP tender, so the rooms in the Main Building, that were taken by this faculty will be freed for faculties of arts. The decision that were made by the Committee of Faculties of Sciences, was also gave an opportunity to end an unfortunate situation, namely that faculties were scattered. With this plan the buildings became homogeneous, departments of one faculty belongs to one building. Department of Meteorology has already occupied its place in the Mathematics building, Department of Mineralogy is moving into the Chemist building. During the autumn, the departments of Faculties of Arts will also be moved; on the fourth floor of the Main Building many rooms became free, so departments of Faculty of Arts from GÖCS will take them over.

During the process, Faculty of Informatics was given a new, bigger building, all premises of Institution of Geology are renewed. The library of Institution of Geology will be unified to one place in the Mathematics building, in a modern environment. The collection of Mineralogy will be open for the public in K/4. Finally departments of Faculty of Arts will be in one building.

The following faculties will also be renewed in the near future: Collage of Engineering by TIOP tender, Collage of Pedagogies and Faculty of Music by TEOP tender. With these advances, all faculties of University of Debrecen are going to work properly.

In this whole process, undoubtedly the Faculty of Arts has made the biggest sacrifice by hiring rooms in GÖCS for several years. Institution of Geology and Mineralogy is connected emotionally to its old, almost ruined building. The new premises and laboratories of the institution are much more modern, giving the opportunity to work, research and study in professional places. The exhibition cases of the institution will be renewed also, the collection will be organized and modernized.

Faculty of Arts is about to create a new research centre, within HURO tender, in the former place of Institution of Geology and Mineralogy. All these transformations need the sources of Faculties of Sciences, besides the tenders. In these years all the confines are given to the new investments, the money won in tenders will be maximized. During the constructions the lectures will not be bothered; some inconveniences are inevitable, however it is worth it to have a modern infrastructure.

18 July 2012, Debrecen

Prof. Dr. István Gaál, president of Faculties of Sciences


Source: unideb.hu

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