Campus Festival: enhanced light and sound technology

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At the request of the Finnish Apocalyptica, the light and sound technology on the main stage has been improved. Work is still in progress in the Great Forest Stadium.

Eight different music sites have been built on the 10 thousand square-meter festival area. As the last step, the main stage was set up. When building the main stage, it was the needs of the world-famous Finnish band, Apocalyptica that were taken into consideration. As Managing Director of the Debreceni Campus Kft. said, the result is an even more imposing, more spectacular and bigger main stage. Two new locations will make their debut at the festival: the Irodalmi Sátor and the Európai Nyelvek utcája will be homes to arts and musical evenings. There will be 6 foreign productions among the more than 200 appearances. Tickets can now be purchased only on site. The passes have been equipped with multiple security elements to make cheating more difficult.


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