DVSC signs big favourite Bouadla’s brother

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Slimane Bouadla was on a tryout at Loki in May. It seems that his performance was convincing as the leaders of DVSC have signed a four-year contract with him.The 21-year old midfielder played in the French team of Chateauroux before. The younger Bouadla – whose data sheet is already on the website of the club – is likely to play first in the second team, DVSC-DEAC and if he performs well he can move on to NBI. Back in May, his brother Selim, who is currently recovering from a knee injury, said that he and his brother Slimane play football in a similar style. He added: “I don’t think he will be a danger to me, but on the football field it doesn’t matter that he is my brother; if he plays well, he is a rival just like anybody else.”

Source: mti.hu

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