Residents of the Füredi Kapu may have to move

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Despite paying millions residents of the Füredi Kapu live there illegally, as the building complex does not have an occupancy permit. In addition to this the builder was put in detainment, while his company is under a process of liquidation.

The residents can sue the company, or can wait for their properties for years. It is still unclear whether the residents can stay or will be relocated as the bank who financed the investment have not made a statement about their situation.

On Friday we reported about the sufferings of a couple living in Füredi Kapu. They purchased the apartment in cash, however they could only move into another one, in which they could not even cook. Finally a new contract was signed and they could move into their own place. But then this apartment was not connected to the water and heating system. The couple is also concerned that they might have to move, because the investors went bankrupt.

Csaba Kaprinyák lawyer had several clients who wanted to move to the building complex of Füredi Kapu, but after looking through the contract he recommended not to. Residents can only obtain ownership when the project is completed, the occupancy permit is given and all estates are sold. However up to this moment only a few of the 500 were sold. Csaba Kaprinyák says that the options of the residents are limited.

-The residents have two options: either they remain in the apartments and later insist on its acquisition or those who do not want this can try to get back their money and restore everything to the original state- explained the lawyer.

The financing bank is also sure to fall from a significant amount of money, but the financial institution has the building complex as coverage. So far nothing was said about the estates or about the residents due to bank secrecy policies.

One thing is sure; the residents cannot stay in or can sell the apartments without ownership rights. A lengthy sequence of legal proceedings can be expected- says the lawyer.




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