Creative artisans’ market in Debrecen

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Debrecen – Artisans of KreDenc (Credence: Creative Artisans of Debrecen) held a market on Sunday at the Medgessy Ferenc Memorial Museum.

Artisans and folk craftsmen of the region presented their creative work at the fair. To each event they assign a theme and a catchword. This time it was: “Do this!”

What does this mean? “If you buy a product or service from a local entrepreneur you will not help a big investor to buy its third holiday house, but you will help a little girl to go to ballet classes; a little boy to buy a training outfit; a mother and a father to put food on the table; a family to repay the loan; or a university student to pay tuition “- say the founders of the market, whose customers are their shareholders at the same time, therefore they endeavour to make the customers happy by their artwork.



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