100 Million Forints to the Renewal of Educational Institutions

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The electric wiring will be renewed, the roofing insulated, the restrooms modernized. There are institutions where the rerun would take some thousands Forints, there are those where millions of Forints are needed.

100 million Forints will be spent on the renewal of institutions by the local government of Debrecen. Some institutions need few hundred thousand Forints, and there are some kindergartens and schools where the work requires millions of Forints. Most parts of the work of investments are done in the summer.

Márta Kocsis, team leader of the department of renewal of Town Development said: “we are trying to do most of the work when there is vacation in the institutions, for instance when there is summer vacation. Among the institutions there are kindergartens, crèches, elementary and high schools; we do not want to bother of their scope of activity.

According to the plans, the renewals will be finished by the end of summer; the work will be done by the end of August.


Source: dehir.hu

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