Cold Front And Cool Down Are Coming

Local News

Heatwave is over; from Sunday to Thursday there will be a milder temperature with rain and wind.

At Friday dawn there was only 15 Celsius degrees in Debrecen, however in the morning it heaved to 20 Celsius degrees. During the day the sky will be cloudy, the temperature rises to 28-30 Celsius degrees.

On Saturday morning even 30 Celsius degrees are expected, though from Saturday afternoon a sharp cold front is coming, bringing a cool down to the whole country. The wind rises; in some places it can be stormy.
From Sunday, the temperature will not surpass 22-24 Celsius degrees, at Wednesday night it can decrease to 10 Celsius degrees. Rainstorms are also expected.

In Debrecen rain are expected on Monday, and on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. From Wednesday afternoon the temperature will rise again.


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