Cycling Trip In Hortobágy

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30 kilometres cycling trip starts on 14th July, in the National Park of Hortobágy.

Hortobágy is a very attractive destination for cyclist because of its specific grounds, however to maintain the unperturbed state of nature, usually there is no opportunity to organize cycling trips. Although, because of this years’ walking tours’ popularity, some of the restricted areas are also opened to the cyclists.

On 14th July, a warm-up trip starts on Máta and the Old Lakes. The trip begins at the Centre of National Park of Hortobágy at 9 am; from there, cycle over to Máta where the buildings of the stud, that recall 19th century atmosphere, can be visited. The trip also gives opportunity to take a look at the animals of the barren, as well as their shepherds. The next stop is the fishpond of Hortobágy where several kinds of birds can be monitored. The tour shows the participants the natural and cultural characteristics of Hortobágy, with the lead of skilled guides.

There are bicycles for rent, that should be booked in advance, concerning their restricted number.
Drinking water, suntan lotion, tools for the bicycles are recommended. The duration of the trip is about 4 hours, on minor roads. The tour will start only if at least 10 people sign up, with registration in advance. The deadline of the registration is 13th July, 16 pm.


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