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University of Debrecen has launched its official alumni program. The purpose of the program is to create a community which members are part of the institution; holds up the present and past students, lecturers, workers and provides them various services. The present and future members of the alumni can contact with their alma mater on the website A new journal is started to publish about the program, entitled DEja vu. The university’s Alumni Centre introduces itself on separate stand on Campus Festival.

The purpose of Alumni Centre is to unite postgraduates and to provide possibilities for connecting each other; in this way they can follow their fellows’ professional improvements, careers, as well as the educational, scientific and professional work of the university. The Centre provides opportunities to meet the lecturers, workers; while the university gives information about new educational programs, scientific events, cultural programs. It can help postgraduates to organize professional and community programs (for instance group and class reunions). The Centre assists the active professional and personal connections among present students, lecturers and employers.

University of Debrecen also endeavours to support its students in their careers. To help them, Alumni Academy will hold trainings and professional lectures, starting from September; concerning job search, students can connect to Job Seekers of University of Debrecen (DEÁK – Debreceni Egyetem Álláskeresők Klubja).

On the occasion of summer graduation ceremonies, the 1st copy of the university’s journal DEja vu has been published. The primary purpose of the journal is to present the college life and conventions of the postgraduates, moreover the outstanding results of the present students and the most important events of the university; consequently everything that has happened at the university now and then. The journal is to be published twice a year.

The meaning of the word ‘alumni’ is ‘old students’, the plural of the Latin ‘alumnus’ (the female version is ‘alumna’) that is ‘old student’ in English. Nowadays this expression is a common word for those who belonged to the same school, institution, work place, community.

Further information: Alumni Centre, Dr Mónika Rőfi, leader of the centre (06-30-336-41-26)

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