Something should be done with local health tourism

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More effective marketing and improvements are inevitable

Business clusters provide good opportunity to improve competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprises. In order to popularise this idea a business forum was organised in Balmazújváros by the Northern Great Plain Thermal Cluster Association. This association was founded in 2005 and by today it brings together 33 organisations of the region engaged in thermal and spa tourism. Its main aim is to facilitate spa and wellness tourism of the region.

The developments of recent years often did not follow current trends in wellness tourism and did not take into consideration the aspects of long-term sustainability. In addition operating costs rose, while demand decreased, which worsened service providers’ situation.

So, first of all, it is needed to create the conditions of economical operation of spas, while technical conditions are also to be developed.

Calculations show that by thermo-technical modernization of buildings and by renovation of its mechanical system more than 50 percent saving can be achieved. The fact that these investments return after 1-2 years shows great efficiency. Since the autumn of 2012 there have been several sources available for innovation.

Another area that requires development is that of the products, services, and marketing. According to experts, the introduction of benefit systems, package deals, and unique offers would further strengthen the quality of hotel management and could contribute to an increase in the number of visitors.



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