Fight for survival of small villages

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Even the University of Debrecen is trying to help: they have planted energy cane plants by courtesy of the university.

The local governments are fighting for the survival of small settlements and against the abandonment of tiny villages by creating the conditions for rural tourism, offering land for free, starting social horticulture, establishing foundations. The University of Debrecen is also trying to help: they are providing support for the residents of Tiszasas. Last year, they started to cultivate 2 hectares of land, as an experiment. They planted cabbage, pumpkin and on one hectare, they planted energy canes, intended to be used as heating fuel for the university. The experiment was successful: part of the crops harvested by unemployed people was given to poor families, part of it was taken to the kitchen of the university as raw material and the remaining part was sold.

Source: MTI

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