Very few labourers work on tramline 2

Local News

Not more than 20-30 labourers are working on the construction of the tramline 2, although there should be a lot more of them.

The town did not terminate contract with the contractor despite not being satisfied with them. The crew of the local television channel (Debrecen Televízió) went along the new tramline Wednesday, at 8 in the morning and found only two workers sitting around the construction site. Having walked more than half kilometre without finding anybody, the first brigade which was actually working was at Dózsa György Street. This section of the road network was closed to traffic since last summer, while pedestrians had to make a roundabout because of the banks of sand and holes in the ground.

 The contract between the town and the contractor is still valid, but the signatories are in constant negotiation. They agreed to call an impartial arbiter, who will review disputable cases and propose ways on how to continue the work together. One thing is certain: the town finds the foregoing achievements insufficient.

 – The local government is not satisfied with the current pace of work, as it is only 35-40 workers involved, half working on the construction site, half at the depot in Salétrom Street. We expect a significantly higher intensity of work form ATK consortium- said László Varga, Head of Department of Urban Development.

 In addition, for a couple of days the unusually warm weather has been hindering the operation. In this heat work can be done only in the morning and in the late afternoon, with a 10 minutes break hourly.


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