Gratuity in hospitals of Debrecen became legal

Local News

According to the information of a local news portal (, the head of the Clinic authorized the accepting of gratuities yesterday, and today the manager of Kenézy Hospital also decided to do so.

Zsolt Lampé, managing director of Kenézy Hospital Non-profit Ltd. decided that “if the legal and statutory conditions are met then the incidentally, subsequently and voluntarily offered gratuities may be accepted by the employees of the institution”.

György Paragh, head of the Medical and Health Centre of the University of Debrecen also dedicates himself to the idea that under appropriate conditions parasolvency is an acceptable practice. Subsequently given gratitude money can be accepted in the future by the doctors and health workers of the centre – states the directive of Paragh effective from the 1st of July.

In the document Paragh wrote that “in compliance with law, but still without advocating parasolvency I exempt the health centre’s employees of the statutory ban, and I conclude that under appropriate circumstances gratuity can be accepted”.

According to the rules of the Labour Code, which are operative from the 1st of July, accepting gratuities is a crime, unless otherwise stipulated by the employer.

Claiming gratuity in advance is still considered to be illegal, so thus it is forbidden in every institution. However, leaders of the clinic may decide to allow its acceptance subsequently, after the medical treatment.

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