Juveniles convicted for terrible murder

Local News Police

The first and second degree defendants finally got 13 years and 8 years 10 months respectively in juvenile prison on Tuesday. One of them was 16, the other one was 14 when they murdered their friend in August 2011.

 A debt of 5000 forints and life threats made previously by the victim led the defendants to decide to kill him. They agreed that they would call him to the Eastern Main Canal and stab him with a kitchen knife. On 18 August, 2011, the 3 of them went to swim together. When the victim was trying to get on the pier on the bank of the canal, the first degree defendant swam behind him and cut his neck with a knife. He was still trying to get out but the second degree defendant was kicking his head from the pier until his companion stabbed the victim. Then, the perpetrators dragged the body under the pier and tried to cover up the tracks. They took the victim’s mobile and went back to Hajdúnánás. The Debrecen Court of Appeal found them guilty in pre-plotted murder and robbery.

Source: MTI

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