Nationwide network of drug gang eliminated

Local News Police

Twenty-one people have been arrested and tens of millions HUF of cannabis plants, marihuana and equipment suitable for the growing of these have been seized by the police over the past year.

As investigation leader József Hamza reported at a press conference held in Debrecen on 26 June, the first plantation had been found in the city center of Debrecen after which the police gradually revealed other places of drug production throughout the country: two other settlements in Hajdú-Bihar County, Budapest, Győr and two other places in Pest County. The amount of cannabis plants and the equipment that they found was suitable for producing 70-80 kilograms of marihuana per month. József Hamza added that after the first 3 plantations in Hajdú-Bihar County had been found, the police started to search for the leaders of the network who financed the illegal production. 18 people are currently in pre-trial detention and 3 under house arrest.

Source: MTI

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